storytelling done right: Apple

People eagerly wait in lines whenever a new series of iPhone is being launch. It is amazing to see how some (well maybe more than some) people feel their status is elevated when they acquire the newest Apple products. It is up for a discussion, but should a MacBook cost so much more than a PC? Should an iPhone than a Samsung? It seems like Apple’s customers don’t care. People buy first, then talk (or ahem, invent) glory later.

The allure of owning a piece of the apple is so strong that people put up with a lot of cr*p they encounter. I highly suspect that storytelling has a lot to do with it. Apple has been for several years now declared  as one of the top brands for storytelling. The survey is done in the UK, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it also applies globally.

people waiting in line apple
shut up and take my money

Apple has been successful in building a powerful connection with its customers by communicating messages about their products through stories. Apple tells us a story about what kind of people they are supporting.  Apple makes you believe that by owning a product, you are joining some kind of exclusive club, and not only because of the price. And this is how they’re telling you that their iPhone is water resistant.

One thing to keep in mind is that this connection is something that has been nurtured. It didn’t just happen, it needs refining over time. Check out how they started when they were introducing  Macintosh back in 1984 in this commercial. The anticipation of a groundbreaking piece of technology is perfectly translated in the clip. That’s how Apple have been doing their storytelling, by building excitement and creating suspense.

Most importantly, their story is consistent.  As you may have noticed from their videos, all Apple promotional products are clean-looking. We don’t see multiple promotions on posters or flyers; what you feel is a confident, minimalist feel to everything.

happy birthday apple

And it continues in the stores, too. You won’t see colorful densely stacked displays, and you won’t be annoyed by a sales pitch, in the contrary, you’ll be encouraged to have a pressure-free play with whatever you see.

Apple store in Amsterdam

It is confidently saying: this is how you’re going to feel when you own Apple gadgets. Reality my differ but I believe the storytelling works.

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