Musically Social – Spotify Serendipity


The internet has become really interesting and widely used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide because its meaning has changed from merely technology to a product: something meaningful for its users. And seeing how things are going, it may not be long from now that internet will become a commodity, which means something relevant and meaningful to everybody. One reason that the internet has become a product  is because it is also used by its users as a platform to socialise. Take example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and don’t forget the music streaming platforms. 

How is music a social thing, other than sharing your right earphone  with a friend? Let Spotify Serendipity tell you. Created by Kyle McDonald – an artist in residence at Spotify – this project shows that there are at least two people in different places who are  listening to exactly the same song EVERY SECOND! According to Spotify data collected by McDonald, there are 10 to 20 thousands songs being listened to every second. This means that when it comes to music, Spotify Serendipity becomes the connecting bridge between two people who don’t necessarily know each other.

It is then a bit naive if a music label or recording company, especially the ones dealing only with physical products, think that digital platforms have nothing to do with their product. That is exactly what they have to dive into in order to survive in the industry and to hopefully also make it into the future. The real survivors are those who invent and reinvent all the different ways to turn music into a social thing.

Here comes another thought to ponder: when a digital music platform finds a perfect way to integrate all the social functions into its offer, what is then going to happen to other social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? At the end of the day, everybody, even your 12 year-old nephew, will realize that they don’t have the time nor the will to actively manage all of those different channels, don’t you think?

Rina Sitorus
Photo: Spotify

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