How eating shrimps made me aware of food waste

Till this day, I still can’t understand why some people will only eat half of the shrimp and send the rest of the poor godsend delicacy straight to the trash can. He has paid good money for that, why throw it away?

It is such an unnecessary food waste. It was from one guy of course, but as my yoga teacher says, a little goes a long way, imagine having it multiplied by ten like-minded customers, by 365 days, by 30 restaurants in the area, well you get the idea. Based on FAO’s findings, 40% of food waste occurs at post-harvest and processing levels in developing countries, while in industrialized countries more than 40% of the waste happens at retail and consumer levels. Some of the popular reasons are the passing of the expiry date; unplanned grocery shopping; or the mysterious disappearance of the leftover tupperware in the back of the refrigerator. Then it struck me, why hasn’t anybody mentioned manner of eating?

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