why storytelling in business communications

Storytelling in business communication is what everybody talks about it these days. Storytelling has been around since for as long as we can remember and it still here for one big reason, that it works.   Evolution has wired our brains for storytelling, we think and talk in narratives all the time, and if you create the right story, people will instinctively share it to others.

Stories connect us with audiences/customers and take them on a journey which lead to changes. A journey that stimulates the thoughts, ideas, feelings and actions, consistent with our goals. Storytelling is a powerful tool to bridge a change: be it in boosting engagement, building trust, or turning corporate messages into relevant messages people choose to connect with. For example, before a customer decides to buy a product, he needs to feel a connection with that product. The connection happens when the company comes with a relevant story which keeps him interested to find out more about the product which leads to product association and eventually the decision to buy.

In short, a great story exceeds traditional facts and figures, and incites a strong response. It also helps to create memories that remain long after the story has ended.

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