video project: Indo Durian

Concept: Rina Sitorus & Junito Drias
Videographer: Junito Drias
Copywriter: Rina Sitorus

Indo Durian

The video is a light and funny way of showing a ‘serious’ theme such as the lack of interests of young Indische people in following Indonesian news and current affairs.

Take example of this Dutch football player, Irfan Bachdim. He joined Indonesian national team in 2010 and considered as superstar in Indonesia since then.He was constantly on the news and everybody (in Indonesia) has been following his actions vigorously.

In the video, the reporter show the picture of durian, orang utan and Irfan. Most of the young Indo’s which the reporter asks know durian and orang utan. Unfortunately for Irfan, almost nobody recognizes him.

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